**** MEETING ****

Hello Pen to Paper members,

We will meet tomorrow evening, Thursday, October 12th, at Spencer Rd Library.

Meeting time 7-8:45 , 2nd Floor.

We hope everyone can make it !!!



*MEETING, JULY 13, 2017*

Hello, Pen to Paper Writers !

We meet this coming Thursday evening, July 13 at Soencer Road Library in St. Peters from 7:00-8:45.

It sounds like both Diane and I will be sending out a WiP tomorrow (Monday) for critique. Matt, I look forward to critiquing something from you, too.  Your writing is always fresh and right on the mark.

Have a safe week and see you both Thursday eve. Let’s pray Jeanne has a safe and wonderful trip to Africa!!!



Hello Pen to Paper Writers,

We meet this coming Thursday evening from 7-8:45 on the Second Floor of Spencer Road Library.

I believe Diane is the only one who has sent a WIP for critique. If you have something you would like to get some ideas, critique… I don’t think Diane would mind if you went ahead and sent it out today.

See everyone Thursday !!!

Tammy Lough


Hello, Writers !!!

We meet this Thursday, May 11 at Spencer Road Library, 2nd Floor. Come join us from 7:00-8:45 for a round table critique.

Members, please email your WIP for critique to Diane by the stroke of Midnight tonight!!!

See you all there,



Hello Everyone,

Pen to Paper will meet this coming Thursday evening from  7:00-8:45  at Spencer Road Library.

New members are welcome to join our writing/critique group and see what we are all about. You can find us having our round-table critique on the second floor. The information desk will give you our room number.

If any member has a WIP to submit for critique, please send it to Diane by the stroke of midnight tonight, and she will email distribute your submission.

See you Thursday !!!

Tammy Lough



Hello Writers,

Diane sent an important email for our Thursday, February 9th meeting. I will reiterate what she wrote because I couldn’t have said it better:


Just a reminder that our meeting is Thursday night in room 209.

We will open our meeting with a discussion regarding our expectations for 2017. Please spend some time thinking about what you expect to gain and what you are prepared to give by participating in this critique-focused group.
If you have something to share, please send it to all members no later than Wednesday so that we will have time to review it before the meeting.

I look forward to seeing all of you.