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The members of Pen To Paper St. Charles welcome you to join our April 23rd meeting at Spencer Creek Library in St. Peters.

We hope to see you at 7:00 on the second floor. You may bring some of your work for critique if time permits. Our meeting will close at 8:45.

Thank you,

Tammy Lough, Member


Hello Everyone,

PEN TO PAPER ST. CHARLES will meet April 8th at 7:00. We will meet at the Spencer Creek Library in St. Peters, upper level. We are presently accepting new members. If you love to write and would like to share your WIP (work in progress) with our group for critique, we welcome you to our meeting. We have a round-table critique for anyone who would like to share their work. You will hear positive feedback and ideas from our published and pre-published members.

Plus, you will learn something at every meeting. We share ‘jewels’ of information and the discussions are light and lively.

We look forward to seeing you this Thursday !!!

Tammy …and all the members of PEN TO PAPER

Meeting Cancellation

Hello Pen To Paper Writers,

Pen To Paper WILL NOT meet on Thursday, March 12.

HOWEVER, we are on for Thursday, March 26 !!!  Spencer Creek Library 2nd Floor.

If you would like your WIP (work in progress) critiqued at the next meeting, please submit in time for group members to read and critique.

Thank you,

Tammy Lough , Member



Pen To Paper meets tonight !!!

Feel free to join us at Spencer Creek Library, St. Peters, MO.

2nd Floor    Time: 7-8:45pm



We will meet Thursday, February 12, at Spencer Creek Library on the 2nd floor.

TIME : 7:00-8:45 PM

Bring a WIP to read for critique.

We will be sharing a 1-2 page work with a Valentine theme.

We look forward to seeing you at our meeting !!!

Valentine’s Challenge

Hello Fellow Writer’s !

We invite you to attend the next meeting of Pen To Paper St. Charles. Like always, we will meet at the Spencer Creek Library in St. Peter’s. We will be in a comfy meeting room on the 2nd Floor.

Last month, we were delighted to meet Bob, a new member who shared some very interesting thoughts and insights during critique. Thank you for attending our meeting, Bob. And, we hope to see you again. It was a delight to have you in attendance !

The next meeting of Pen To Paper St. Charles will fall on FEBRUARY 12th, two days before Valentine’s Day. Therefore, let’s bring a short 1-2 page story pertaining to this day set aside for Cupid.

We are accepting new members at this time. Anyone who has a passion for writing and wants to learn something new at every meeting is welcome. Would you like to have your WIP (work in progress) critiqued and offer critique to other members? Then, this is the writing group for you.

The members of Pen To Paper St. Charles

**** MEETING FEBRUARY 12th ****


Our next meeting will be on February 12th at Spencer Creek Library, St. Peter’s …2nd Floor.

We meet from 7pm until 8:45.

Agenda to be announced.

Don’t forget to email WIP for critique.


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