Hello Everyone,

Pen to Paper will meet this coming Thursday evening from  7:00-8:45  at Spencer Road Library.

New members are welcome to join our writing/critique group and see what we are all about. You can find us having our round-table critique on the second floor. The information desk will give you our room number.

If any member has a WIP to submit for critique, please send it to Diane by the stroke of midnight tonight, and she will email distribute your submission.

See you Thursday !!!

Tammy Lough



Hello Writers,

Diane sent an important email for our Thursday, February 9th meeting. I will reiterate what she wrote because I couldn’t have said it better:


Just a reminder that our meeting is Thursday night in room 209.

We will open our meeting with a discussion regarding our expectations for 2017. Please spend some time thinking about what you expect to gain and what you are prepared to give by participating in this critique-focused group.
If you have something to share, please send it to all members no later than Wednesday so that we will have time to review it before the meeting.

I look forward to seeing all of you.




January 26th Meeting

Hello Writers !!!

A reminder that we meet this coming THURSDAY evening for some…you guessed it…critique!!!  Email a WIP and we will print and read your work before the meeting. Then, have a round-table critique. I would love to read some new STEAMPUNK …hint, hint.

Spencer Road Library at 7:00. Second floor.

See everyone Thursday !!!


January 12 Meeting

Hello Everyone !

Pen To Paper will meet this coming Thursday evening at Spencer Road Library from 7-8:45.

If you have a WIP you would like critiqued, please email in time for us to read, critique and make our copy.

I hope we all have a productive writing week. WOO WOO !!!



* November 10 Meeting *

Hello, Pen To Paper Members !

Pen To Paper will meet this Thursday evening at Spencer Road Library from 7-8:45 on the 2nd floor. I am not sure of the room number, but we can ask at the upstairs desk.

Please pre-critique the WIP’s submitted per email and bring your own copy as we have multiple submissions.

Jeanne and Donna (fairly certain)are attending Doug’s Saturday Writers tax workshop/discussion scheduled for the same evening, so hopefully they will let us pick their brains for information at our next P2P meeting.

Many of us are participating in Nanowrimo this year. It is my first Nano and …excuse me for a second while I SCREAM !!! Anyone else feel this way?

I look forward to seeing those who can attend Thursday evening!

Writers write!!!

Tammy S. Lough







Hello Pen To Paper Writers,

We meet TOMORROW evening at Spencer Road Library from 7-8:45.

We will have an exciting evening since Donna and Diane have already submitted work for critique. Everyone please read and critique those WIP’s and print a copy for yourself. If time permits, I have a huge, ugly, black hole in the story I would like to write for NanoWriM o, and I’m talking BIG hole right dab in the middle. I’m waving around a  6-foot brain fart as to how to fix it.

Nikki told me that Thursday evenings are not good for her to be in a critique group. We certainly wish this talented author luck in all of her future endeavors.

See everyone tomorrow evening !!!

Tammy S. Lough